Healden Grove Ltd is a Lancashire based business consultancy practice, formed in 1991, by Andrew Turner.

Commencing trading at the start of a recession, we quickly modified our services in response to demand and after quite a steep learning curve, became a force recognised by the financial institutions as "genuine corporate recovery specialists". By taking on accountants in early retirement, who wanted a part time consultancy role, the first half of the 90’s saw us grow to 26 locations, UK wide.

As the effects of the recession ebbed we refocussed more on strategic planning for growth for clients, rather than the event driven nature of dynamic corporate recovery.

In 1996 as many of our consultants elected for full time retirement, we were approached by a firm of accountants that had identified "value added services" as the main area for growth, had witnessed our work first hand, and asked for our assistance. They had already spent in excess of £40,000 on a theoretical methodology and failed.

We designed and tested our solution and to date, as a result of this initial enquiry, have worked with over 600 practices in the UK, including a number of the top thirty UK firms.

Our solution for the accountancy profession has seen us take and hold the “number one position” in our field since 1998 and probably one of the best testimonies to the quality of our work, is that clients of old, return again, for us to help them reach their next growth targets.

In the year 2000 we were awarded a prestigious government contract to assist the Insolvency Unit in achieving its main objective and this work continues to date.

In 2011 we were instructed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to assist in the promotion of their services.

In 2012 we decided to design a solution for the Legal Profession. Although the “take up” on this legal side is somewhat slower than we have previously enjoyed with our accountancy work, we have now got traction in the market and are achieving steady growth.

Also in 2012 we started the development of a high quality CRM solution, something that was clearly lacking in the UK. This has also been a success and we already have clients in the world of accountancy, legal, computing and construction and the word is spreading fast.

At the start of 2016 we developed our care offering further in order to provide the 'ultimate marketing solution for professionals'.

Innovative solutions, the latest technology, a highly trained team and the absolute determination to ensure our clients "feel the power" of what we do, fuels the growth we have enjoyed since the early 90’s and will continue to do so.

If you feel that there is a possibility that we may be able to help you, please make contact with us and we will be delighted to have an exploratory meeting.

Andrew Turner
Managing Director
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Our core values have remained unchanged since our formation in 1991. Only taking on work where we can exceed expectations has been the catalyst to the success we continue to enjoy, and this remains the mandatory ethos behind all that we do.


Holding exploratory meetings with new potential clients is always an exciting process for both parties, so why not make contact with us today to simply explore how we may be able help.


017 062 12345